Saturday, January 28, 2012

Saturday Night With My Sisters...

Last Night (Friday) my girlfriend Kelly suggested having dinner together Saturday night. Well, I am not the kind of gal who says no to a night out with her sisters! Besides I am still trying to make up for all the lost girl time due to my 4 day trip with the boys to Vegas! It was Just the four of us tonight. It was Saturday night after all and most of the other girls were tied up. I did get my ex-girlfriend to join us, and she had a great time! She will be coming out with us on Tuesday for out regular girls night out! How cool is it that even my ex-girlfriends love being "Candi Girls"! My circle of girlfriends keeps growing by leaps and bounds! It is so much fun!

So tomorrow is Sunday and I am going to spend the entire day in girl mode! I had to work today, so I am very happy I had a opportunity to go out. I was hoping for an entire weekend of girl time but I will get to spend 75% of it as Candice. My girlfriends think they spotted another transgendered gurl at the bar tonight, just down from where we were. I am not convinced it was another gurl. If  it was she looked really good. May have been a TS. I did how ever get more than a few knowing glances from her through the time she was there. Who Knows. If it was a transgendered gurl, more power to her!

My friend Michelle A.K.A. the Queen and High Priestess of purses and heels has been going through her closet and has almost 50 bags! This girl is getting a few of them. She emailed me photos and I got to pick a few. How sweet is that! Love her! I suggested she bring the rest of the ones she does not want with her Tuesday night. That way the other girls can have a crack at her stash of purses!  My foot is doing much better but I still had to do flats tonight. I am hoping I can rock some nice heels on Tuesday!

My friend Kelly may come over to my place Wednesday night to try on wigs to see how she would look. I got my girlfriend Jennifer into wigs and she loves them! It is so much fun being able to change your hair style and color on a whim. What girl does not like to play dress-up! It one of the greatest pleasures a woman has... I did say ONE of the greatest, not THE greatest! :-) I will be posting photos tomorrow I will try a few different outfits just to play around. I know I will be spending the rest of tonight and all of tomorrow in girl-land, but I cant wait for Tuesday night with the girls!

Well I got to go and wash my face and get ready for bed kids. I hope you all have a safe and very feminine weekend! XXOO!


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