Thursday, January 5, 2012

Out Again! Making Friends, Coming Out, And Picking a LBD

Hi all! Well tonight I had dinner and drinks with two more female friends whom I recently outed myself to. We had a great time. Originally they were going to join me this past Tuesday for the regular girls night out. But both had scheduling conflicts and could not join us. So we picked tonight to get together. The only problem was that when I put fresh batteries in my camera I forgot to put the SD card back in! So no group shot this time, sorry. We did have out cell phones but the lighting was so poor the photos did not come out too good.

The conversation was energetic and wonderful. We covered all the girl talk bullet points... men, ex-husbands (don't have one), a new boyfriend (not me), the inability to find a boyfriend (not looking for one), food and  general gossip. I then gave them my transgender background story. I fielded a few questions and at the end of the night my one girlfriends summed it up perfectly... "I am so glad I have a new girlfriend!"  I love bing one of the girls. Being a boy sucks! I know I have stated this in past posts; Find understand female friends. Be their friend first. Be there for them, support them. Love them like a sister. Be a great friend and a good guy, and the women will support you back. For that matter treat everyone with honesty, integrity and respect. be a person of character and good standing. So when you do come out or get found out... People will stand with you. If not then just be polite and move on with your life. The ones that count are the ones who support with out fail.

In the last 6 days the only time I have dressed in guy drab, has been to go to work, and I love it! This Saturday night there is a black tie/LBD wine tasting party.. I cant wait. combing through my LBD collection and picked out two dresses.The dress above (I love the cutout shoulders. and the way it drapes). And one below ( love the neckline and the ruching). I sent out a email asking my girlfriends to help me choose one. So far everyone loves the dress with the cutout shoulders. And I must say I like it best too. If any of my readers would like to let me know their choice please feel free to post a comment.

Its going to be a interesting event because even though I am very well known to the people going, very few know me as Candice. I am sure I will raise a few eyebrows! But what girl does not like attention! If anyone asks and I feel they are being genuine will be honest about who I am. If they are being an ass, I will just tell then my tux is in the cleaners! I will have a full report on Sunday in the form of a blog post.

Well goodnight everyone! And please follow this blog. Thanks.


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