Sunday, January 15, 2012

Candice Has a New Girlfriend.

Hello everyone! tonight I was out in guy drab having dinner with a new friend whom I have only known for a short time. I outed myself and told her about Candice and this blog. She is super supportive and loving about it! Again by opening myself up and taking a chance I built a stronger bond and friendship with a wonderful woman. I also told her about a second blog I have started keeping that helps my male side deal with some of his issues. Again, nothing but support and understanding. Plans have been made for her and I to go out next Sunday so she can meet me as Candice. Fun! It is so nice having the strength to put everything on the table. and let people decide for themselves if they can accept me as a transgender person. So far everyone has! Not all of my friends who know participate in the girls nights out. Or has gone out with Candice, and thats okay. But all respect me as a person and a good friend and that is all that really matters. 

Tomorrow is girls night out. I can't wait. I have picked out two outfits and I just need chose one. Of course I will be posting photos tomorrow night after I get home. Tuesday I am off to Las Vegas for a trade show. I looked at my schedule and it looks like I will not have time to go out as Candice. But I will pack one outfit just in the off chance I can go out. Overall it will be nice to get away and reconnect with old friends.

Well I am off to bed XXOO

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