Wednesday, February 1, 2012

If Its Tuesday,It Must Be Girls Night Out!

Another wonderful night out with the girls! I can never get enough of it! Two new girls joined us tonight. The girl to my right I have known for over three years. And the girl to my left I have known for about 12 years! How cool is that! As a side note, today I outed myself and was outed with express permission to 5 more female friends. It is so wonderful not to have to expend energy keeping a secret and denying who I am!

Tonight we talked about everything from rock climbing (really) to makeup (of course) to bra fittings (sounds fun to me) to the topics covered in Cosmopolitan Magazine (men are pigs & how to have a orgasm every time etc...). Toss in a little gossip, and I ask you... what could be better than that! Well being able to rock some heels would have been fun. Sad to say my foot is still not healed enough to sport the heels I wanted to wear, but it is getting better. Tomorrow night Kelly is coming over to have dinner and try on wigs. I will try and surprise her by wearing some cute pumps. Of course she reads this blog so I guess it wont be that much of a real surprise! God I truly love being a girl and being a girlfriend and sister to girls I love and care about. I truly hate being a guy... No, let me rephrase that... I hate having to spend any time as a guy at all! I just feel like it is a step backwards when I am in guy drab. Girl fab rocks!

Well I started the night out as a darker brunette. I just wanted to do something different. The girls loved it but I am not sold on the hair color. So when I got home I did my usual, and took a few photos with the darker hair. This one below was in the car on the way home from dinner. I like the way I looked in this photo with the hair kind of tossed.

After a few shots with the dark hair and looking over the photos I still was not completely sold on the look. I like it to a point but I think I need to tweak my makeup and  darken up my eyebrows to make it work better.

So just to play around I decided to try on my long blond wig and see how it looked with my outfit. I am becoming such a girl and I love it!

I love this wig! I just never seem to bring it out that often. I am going to wear it tomorrow when Kelly comes over. I have a feeling there will be lots of photos taken and posted! Kelly loves this blog. I think I will ask her to help me draft a nice post to go along with the photos that will be taken. Because she reads this blog, I guess I just did ask her! Well I blew the surprise about wearing some heels tomorrow for when she comes over and now this. Dang it!

Along the lines of posting photos; I would like to say I am sorry I did not get to take any photos on Sunday. I was planning on trying out a couple of looks and posting photos from the day. My plans were a little sidetracked because a good friend called me needing some advice and a good ear. So I helped a friend and spent the day in yoga pants and a tank top. Well it was a lazy Sunday after all...

well this girl need to head off to bed. I wish everyone sweet and girly dreams! You are all my sisters!


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