Friday, January 13, 2012

Cinderella Grows Up or A Funny Thing Happened on The Way to The Mall

Every gurl grows up... Early on as a crossdresser I went through a period were I bought clothing with no rhyme or reason. I got them because I liked how the clothes looked, not if it fit my style (as if I had a style back then!). Or even if it was something I would actually wear! This commonly known as the "Cinderella Stage". Simply put as a crossdresser we go through a time were we go crazy and try out all sorts of  looks. Much like a teenage girl would trying to find what works for her. Sometimes for some crossdressers or transgendered women, a particular feminine ideal is sought after. It could be anything from the classic office girl/secretary look to period fashions from the 1950s. It can even push the extreme with sexual/fetish tones like dressing as a hooker or a French maid. Every gurl is different and that is okay.

Today as a mature transgendered woman. I have found my style. I fairly know what works and what does not. I no longer buy clothing in "bulk". Now its about putting a outfit together, finding that needed piece. I pay attention to trends and current fashions. I adapt my style to what is now and still honor the classics that help build my wardrobes foundation. I love it. I love the hunt for that elusive item that pulls the look together. The excitement when you find something unexpected, and it gives you new ideas.

It is the fluid nature of woman's fashions that inspire me. Allowing me to be creative while expressing who I am as a woman. I have girlfriends who hate to shop.... Shocking I know... But not this gal! Every time I am out with my girlfriends I am complemented on my look, my outfit, my shoes, etc. and I love it. What girl does not? I love being a woman. I love looking the best I can. Knowing I can pull anything off from a little black dress to a day of shopping to a dinner date with the ladies with style is a real confidence builder.

 I hope every gurl out there  has the chance to find her own style. Even if she never leaves her closet she should fill it with fabulous inspiring things that may give her the poise to leave that closet behind.

Love you all!


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