Monday, January 16, 2012


Had a great night out with the girls tonight, Two hours of good food and good conversation. I wish I never had to "take the girl off" again. Everything is so much better for me as a woman. I know its not practical and I need to live as a man to make my living. But one day I will be free of that shackle. I have another blog I mentioned in passing in my last post. My male self is going through a struggle dealing with some issues. The funny thing is as Candice I can handle the problems of my male side with ease. As a woman I am more balanced, focused, disciplined and Happier! Girls do have more fun! Tonight I had a really nice outfit on with nice pumps. the girls loved it. Going back to guy drab is so boring!

As our food was served the conversation moved on to my trip to Vegas tomorrow, and how sad it is that I have to pack all those ugly boy clothes! True, but I will have a few items for Candice; A nightgown, yoga pants a few tops and a nice pair of heels  with a outfit to wear if I do get to go out. With all this talk of Vegas the possibility of a weekend trip to Sin City with the girls came up. We all agreed I would be a blast. Now we just need to pick a date down the road. I would love a trip like that!

Thinking about a Vegas trip has me thinking about my transgendered "bucket list" I am adding the purposed trip to Vegas to the bucket. I also want to go see  a play and spend an entire week as Candice. A week without any interruptions that require me to be male. That would be heaven. Also just added to the list is a trip to next years Southern Comfort Conference. For those who don't know it is a major crossdressing/transgender convention held every year in Atlanta. When I return from Vegas I am going to have dinner as Candice with my new friend Rachel. She is such a beautiful and sweet woman. She is the one I outed myself to last night over dinner. Then later in the week I will be having dinner with my drear friend Kelly. she is one of the original Candi Girls. and a huge supporter on mine. I love her! I asked her if she wanted to have dinner with my female side or my male side. She said "surprise me"... I told her that given the chance I will always come default to my feminine side!

My male side is a competitive shooter, so I thought I would take a few photos with one of my AR's... What do you all think?

Armed and transgendered! LOL.

Well friends I am off to bed. I hope you all have sweet dreams!

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