Sunday, January 22, 2012

Home Again.

Vegas was nice but that much time in guy mode was making me nuts! I came back sick. It happens every year on this trip. I was going to have dinner with one of my girlfriends tonight in girl mode but I had to cancel. And to top it off, I jacked up my left foot! Friday I was on my feet all day and I had decided to wear these light weight shoes thinking it would be more comfortable. No it was not. the lack of support and cushioning killed me. My foot is still swollen and hurts like hell. So I guess it will be flats for Tuesdays dinner with the girls!

I have spent the whole day in comfy yoga pants and a warm knit top and sweater. I would post a photo but I lost my SD card reader someplace. I packed it and now I can't find it... just add it to the list of things that have gone wrong with this trip! It really is nice to be back home. I needed this day to rest to try and feel better.

I am posting some older photos because I need to find my card reader or just buy a new one. Ugh! Well Tuesday is girls night out and I think with this lame foot it will be flats that night! Looking back over the last few days away It was nice to see my old guy friends. But being with them was too destructive. It was nothing but excessive eating and drinking. Friday night was the worst of it 12-13 beers and shots of Absinthe! Is it no wonder my immune system was compromised. I am not saying that I don't drink with the girls. I am saying that with my girlfriends its more tempered. As a guy it becomes a power drinking binge. With the girls its more abut fun and sisterhood. I love my girlfriends and would ditch the guys anytime for a good girls night out! I need my girl time. I love the guys too, but sometimes its too much. In fact I am reconsidering even going on this trip next year. I will probably still go but the way I feel now, its really not who I am anymore.

The guys are all married and when we are at the trade show its nothing but eyeballing the booth girls and getting calendars and posters singed by them. Its like being with a bunch of adolescent boys, not grown men.
Even as I guy I am not like that. I play along but I make comments about the womanizing. and never bother with the booth girls.

Not having any real girl time was hard. Walking around Vegas with women all dressed up and having fun was making me crazy with envy! Checking out the outfits and styles was so much fun. I got to get the girls Vegas getaway weekend planned soon!

I am going to see if I can go out with the girlfriend I had to cancel on for Wednesday or Thursday night. and check if any others want to join us. I need to get out as much as I can this week. I feel like I need to make up for lost time.

Well this girl is going to bed. I will have a new post and new photos late Tuesday night after I get home form dinner.

Love you all and its good to be home!

well this girl needs to go to bed

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