Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Case of The "Phanom Bra" And The First Girls Night Out of 2012

It was a strange day today. After spending the three day weekend completely as Candice, it was very odd to get dressed as a guy and go to work! It felt like I was forgetting something the entire day! I even had "phantom bra". After three days wearing a bra I kept wanting to pull up my straps all the time! Being Candice was wonderful way to spend my time off.

Tonight was the first girls night out of the new year. Our regular Tuesday night out. Unfortunately three of the girls came down with a nasty bug and could not make it. Three others had conflicting events, so I will be going out with them on Thursday. Yea! A extra night out as Candice! The four of us who did make it had a blast. We talked about boys (mostly what is wrong with them), dating (why they are not dating...see the first part of the conversation), relationships (why they are so hard... again go back to the first part of the conversation), and food, food and did I mention food? I even read them a message I received on Facebook, from some tranny chaser saying how good I looked and how he and I should start a family! WTF! What color is the sky in that guys world (again please refer to the first part of the conversation)! After I shared the letter with the girls I blocked him.Then I showed them the list of guys I have had to block. One of them said I get more action than they do on their match profile! I told her to just set up a profile as a  crossdresser/transgendered gal and she would get hit on by all the creepy loser guys she ever wanted! Spending time with the girls like this is so much fun. All I do is smile and laugh!

Capping off the week I will be going to a black tie/black dress wine tasting on Saturday night! Now I just need to pick out a LBD out of my collection. (yes I have a collection... only 7 dresses!). It will be a interesting event because the group attending does not know me as Candice or as transgendered at all. I plan on looking as good as I can. It wil be a fun night indeed. Sunday I will be spending entire day as Candice too. I will get up get dressed, put on my face, walk out the door get my coffee and run my errands. Just like this past weekend. That brings us to next Tuesday and our regular girls night out. I am a busy gal and I love it!

All this ties into my plan to spend as much time as I can as a woman. Simply the only time I will be going out as a guy will be for work and the social events that require me to do so. Even at home it is all girl, all the time. After I get cleaned up I get my girl on. regardless of whether I am going out or not. Being Candice is much more natural for me and so relaxing.

When I started outing myself to select friends and letting my feminine side develop more freely, I had no idea it would be this good. I figured I would get out once in a while with accepting friends and be spending more time at home dressing and working on my image/style. Now I am out all the time. My friends not only accept me as Candice but are very active in my female life and supportive beyond anything I could have hoped for. This support and love has allowed me to really look at who I am as a woman and a man. It has also given me a chance to ask myself what I want out of all this.

What I have discovered is that I am much more than the occasional crossedresser. I am truly transgendered and want to live as much of my life as I can as woman. This is not about playing dress up. The clothing and dressing as a woman is the vehicle that allows me to honestly express who I am and how I feel about myself. The sense of liberation I have as a woman is exhilarating.

Well I am off to bed kids. Thanks for reading!

Love Candi. 

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