Monday, January 2, 2012

Day Three...

Day three of my weekend living "full time" as Candice. The photo above was on my way out to the market to get my coffee. I did the usual, took a nice walk around the plaza window shopping after I got my cup of joe. It was a cool and crisp this morning and the vest was perfect for the temperature. I love the dark jeans and the booties too. I felt so sharp and hip! I guess I am just a city girl. I was checking out White House Black Market, when a woman walked up and made a comment about a really nice top and jacket in the store. I said I loved the outfit too but I doubt I could get it in my size being a bigger gal. Now I do not talk in a false feminine voice, I do speak softer but I do not try to fake it. She turned to me and said... "its a shame, that would look great on you!" Wow... that was cool! I was a foot taller in my 3 inch heels after that!

Back stepping a little to last night. My girlfriend Jennifer was over for dinner. Well she wanted me to show her how I do my eye makeup and show her the Bare Essentials mineral make up I use. What a complement that was. Jennifer is stunning and she wants tips from me! Can my girl ego take any more!?! Well I showed her how I did my eyes and she loved the Bare Essentials so much that she is gong to ULTA today to get some. Sharing things like that and spending quality time with other women is so amazing. What a gift it is to be part of the feminine world.

This photo is what I am wearing now. In addition to posting on this blog I am doing some paperwork for my business. So I thought a office/work look would be nice. Another girlfriend is coming over for a late lunch in a while. I believe there will be some cone-of-silence serious girl talk involved. Cant wait! And I am running a few loads of laundry (how domestic). Not sure why I mentioned the laundry? Well I got to run. Tomorrow its a work day in guy drab... But its only for a few hours then its out for a night with my girlfriends.

These last few days have been so much fun. It really has been like a vacation away. Being Candice feels so natural and honest to who I am. I love being able to express the woman inside me. Every minute I spend as a woman is a gift. Such a wonderful way to start the new year!

I guess you can call the above photo a "parting shot" I never knew what I looked like from behind... Now I do! Not a bad looking butt. I am kind of partial to it...its mine. LOL.


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