Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Night of the LBD...

Tonight I attended the black tie formal wine tasting as Candice! What a great night!. About half a dozen of my girlfriends who know me as Candice also attended. There were over 100 guests and not a single negative reaction! Granted that most of them know me or knew of me. Add to the fact that I have a reputation as a good stand up guy, and that I am well liked and respected (man I sound awesome!). it stands little reason, that if you treat people well you get the same back. I really do believe in Carma. and I work hard at putting out to the universe as much as I can. The fun real was watching the faces of the people as they did double and triple takes once they realized who I was! Even some of the people who know me very well did not even recognize me! What a blast! The biggest and most supportive reactions were from the women. Most of them could not keep their hands off my boobs! I was getting felt up left and right!I have found that when dressed as a woman, women fall allover you! There is something disarming about a man in a dress. I have had this happen every time I have dressed up for other parties and events. The gathering was also a good opportunity out myself to two more long term female friends! Both loved it and will be joining the regular girls and I for our Tuesday night get together.

On the way to the party I met up with four of my girl friends for a  pre-party cocktail at a very nice place. While there I ran into three other women I know, who up to that point did not have any idea Candice even existed... Well now they do! The establishment is only a few months old and I have been there before as Candice for a girls night out. I even outed myself to a woman bartender there who knows me as a guy. What crazy fun! I am starting to care less about who knows Candice!

So tonight marks the end of a week were I truly spent more time as Candice than as a man! Other than work and Friday night out for happy hour, I have been dressed as Candice. This is also my third night out as Candice!  Like I have stated before... What a nice way to start off the New Year! Tomorrow I spend the whole day as Candice. I have created a Word Press page that will mirror this blog. So I will be working on that, among other things. I love expressing my inner woman!

Well goodnight my friends! Sleep tight!


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