Thursday, February 9, 2012

Out And About.

Wow two nights out in a row, I am in social butterfly heaven! The reason for tonights excursion was a belated birthday dinner for one of my dearest friends. It was also an opportunity for some of my friends to finally meet me as Candice. What a good time. All the ladies looked amazing. I have some classy girlfriends. I learn so much from them everyday. they are so sweet and fun to be with. I love how they offer advice and tips on everything from clothing and make up to hair styles and beyond. And I Listen to every word. There is so much to living as a woman that goes beyond just knowing how to walk in heels! Not that walking in heels is a snap. I myself have almost fallen off my shoes a few times! The food was great. I ordered a chicken dish that was very creamy, spicy, rich and delicious. Let me tell you, I will be paying for that choice all day tomorrow! Oh well, it was super yummy and worth every bite!

One of the girls there tonight, a long time friend who was meeting Candice for the first time gave me a congratulations on "coming out" card. How sweet is that! Another one of the girls husbands who I know, wanted her to give me his best wishes. That was truly a nice gesture. In fact all of my girlfriends husbands and significant others have been nothing but supportive and totally cool with my transition to Candice. I am truly blessed and I will never take my friends or their support for granted. There are so many gurls out there who are alone and have no one to turn to. Gurls who are so closeted and isolated that they may never find a way out into the light. My door is always open and anyone can contact me though this blog or my Facebook page for a word of encouragement or advice. I was alone for a long time and I am never going back into that closet again. Even though I do need to go back in the closet from time to time. But only to pick out clothing or a wig. I am not going to stay there! The cost is too high!

 Like last nights outing, I was asked by some of the girls they could come over to try on wigs and see my "amazing closet and shoe collection. I really should start charging admission! I love it! I do need to straighten (no pun intended) the closet again though. I have been going out so much that it has become a little disorganized. If I am not working  Saturday I will be spending the weekend as Candice! If not I will have Sunday and some of the girls are coming over that day for the whole wig thing. I offered to make lunch so I think that sealed the deal! I will also have my regular Tuesday night out to look forward to!

As you may know, next Tuesday is Valentines Day. So we single girls are going out to a nice upscale bar that has a great happy hour. It will be a man bashing, trashing, good food, cheap drinks, sisterly bonding session. Now that sounds like fun! And with my girlfriends it will be a riot. these girls are funny and smart. Throw in a few cocktails (love that word) and look out! Well its off to bed for this gal! Till next time, be safe, be good and be kind.

Love Candi