Sunday, February 12, 2012


Happy Sunday everyone! What a perfect day it has been. I went for a nice run this morning followed by a stroll through a farmers market. People watching and picking up some fresh produce along the way. Not to mention a darn good cup of coffee too. This afternoon my girlfriend Kelly came over to try on wigs and have lunch. It looks like trying on my wigs has truly become a regular weekend activity with the girls! Last Saturday Michell was over trying them on. One of these girls night outs I will show up and everyone of them will be wearing a wig! That would be very cool. We should all get the same one, now that would be funny.

Kelly and I had great time together. She looked amazing regardless of what style or color she tried! Gosh I hate her! Damn her perfect skin and flawless features! Who am I kidding, all my girlfriends look gorgeous. I guess I can't hate them all! Spending time with the girls makes me so happy. I could never go back to being a full time guy. I would never want to either. The more time I spend as Candice the more complete I feel as a person. I would be so much more happier if the doctor slapped me on the butt and said "its a girl"! Oh well, you work with what you got! Being able to be Candice just make me happy and I am truly grateful for that.

More of my girlfriends have joined me on Facebook in the last few days. I am so happy to have all their friendship, support and love. The interesting thing is that many of them have known crossdressers or transgendered gurls like myself. I would guess that this is true for about a third of the women I know. This kind of makes me wonder how common of an occurrence is it for women to have contact with gurls like me? Either in a relationship or as friends.

Tuesday is Valentines Day, so the girls and I are going to a nice place for happy hour. And since we are single or the men are out of town etc.. I am sure it will turn in to a very Oprah/Cosmopolitan magazine man bashing fest! I cant wait, its going to be fun! Nothing better than hanging out with the girls a few cocktails (still love that word) into it!  My sisters are funny gals. I love then all.

Good night and thanks for reading my little blog. It means a lot to this girl. I hope you all had a lovely Sunday!


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