Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Night Out With The Girls & New Hair...

I love Tuesdays! I have the most awesome girlfriends in the world! Out every Tuesday like clockwork. Now This could be taken two ways. 1, The girls really love spending time together or 2, we all just like to drink? Either way these girls rock!

Last night we went to a nice steak house for appetizers. It was the first time the girls and I had been to this establishment as a group and we had a great time. I love all the different topics and directions the conversation takes when I am out with my girlfriends. We talked about relationships, friendships, family, sex (gasp!), what is happing in our lives, clothing, shoes (oh yes shoes, almost as good as talking about sex), and the list goes on. All of these topics were covered in depth and with real feeling. At a table next to us was 4 guys having dinner and drinks. From what I could hear, their conversation covered the gamut from the awesomeness of a particular WWII German bomber to how good this one gunsmith is in Colorado. Actually that was it. The gamut was only these two topics. Having been to many a guys night out, they are all kind of like that. Sometime there is more sports talk or a discussion about how hot the 22 year old hostess/server is. Yup being a girl is much better.

New Hair... I picked up some new hair on Monday morning. I was near a wig shop and took some time yo pick out  a new wig. I know that a few girls will be miffed that I went without them (Jennifer & Michelle, I am sorry but I was right by the shop. It wont happen again). Now I am inspired to pick up another style in a lighter color. I guess I can add; "You can never have enough wigs" to the list of "you can never have enough shoes" or purses (well Michelle thinks she has to many purses... silly girl) or makeup etc...

I love it! It is lighter than what I usually wear, but I think its looks good and so did the girls last night. Because of my ever changing hair style, it looks like two more girlfriends want to come over to try on wigs this Sunday. Yea, I love it. Like I said in the last post, trying on my wigs has become a huge hit with the girls. It is nice to be able to almost completely change your look so easily.

Heels! I was finally out in heels again! OMG am I a happy girl! I like flats but they were starting to me down a bit. Well about 3 1/2-4 inches down that is! last nigh one of my girlfriends and I had almost the exact same heels on. We  both looked down at the same time and said... oooooh!  Followed by complementing each others good taste and smart fashion sense of course.

The best part is that I get to go out tomorrow night with more of my girlfriends! And you know I will be posting photos and blogging about that as well! It is so much fun to watch the hit counter on this page because even though there are blogs with tens of thousands or even over a million hits, the almost 1700 I have mean so much to me. and I adore the 6 "official" followers I have. Keep reading kids! I thank you all!

All my best,

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