Saturday, February 4, 2012

Saturday in Candi-Land

I love it when I have a chance to stay home, relax and be Candice all day and night!. No splitting my day between having to be in guy drab for work only to spend the few precious hours left of the day as my true self. That is why I Cherish my nights out with the girls so much. To be out of the house and in the fresh air. The sound of my heels clicking down the side walk (well that is when my foot is not killing me), feeling feminine and free. It is a truly magical feeling.

I do love spending my time at home as Candice, but sometimes it brings me back to the time I spent at home while still closeted. As they say "all dressed up and no place to go" and how true it was. It is different now that I am basically out and open about who I am. I no longer rely on the occasional night out at a gay bar with the other gurls I know as a opportunity get out the door as Candice. I have real girlfriends and a real life as my feminine self. So naturally I take every chance I can to get out and spend time with my girlfriends and to grow as a woman.

Today my good friend Michelle, you know the one I call the Queen and High Priestess of Purses and Heels, came over to try on wigs and have lunch. What fun. Apparently trying on my wigs has become a very popular activity among my girlfriends. I don't mind, plus I get to spend quality time with them. Michelle and I had a great talk, some good food and a lot of laughs. As a bonus she gave me a stack of cute bags she wanted to pass on. Now don't tell my other girlfriends, they may get jealous! You know how catty us girls can get! 

I am very happy because I get to go out twice this week. Tuesday is our regular girls night out and Wednesday I get to go out with some other girlfriends who could not make it Tuesday night. Yup a bonus night out, I cant wait!

In other news, a group of my girlfriends have been having a regular monthly girls night out of their own for years. I always wanted to attend but I could not because I was just a guy then. Now that I am one of the girls I finally get to go! I have always wanted to be one of the girls, and now it is coming true.

Well it is time to slip into my soft yoga pants and a cute tee. I am going to watch a little television then go to bed early. Love you all.


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