Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday is Candiceday!

I love my Sundays! This morning I met up with a group of girlfriends for a champagne brunch. Three hours, too much food, a lot of laughs, and quite a few mimosas later I was a girl looking for a nap. Lucky I found one on my couch when I got home! I know a few of my girlfriends were also heading for nap time after our indulgences. Sunday is a great day for napping. Its also the one day I know I can spend 100% of my time as Candice. I was texting my girlfriend Kelly and told her I was going to start calling Sunday Candiceday! She thinks its a great idea... my friends are such enablers! Unfortunately the one blemish on this otherwise perfect Candiceday is that I had to block yet another guy from my Facebook page. It is about once a day I get some form of unsolicited contact form a random guy. It really makes me mad because I clearly state on my Facebook  profile, I am not looking for male friends or contact from men for any reason. I also note that I will block any male who does contact  me. I really do not like tranny-chasers at all. The fact that none of these guys read the gurls profiles, strikes me as very rude and disrespectful. If you do like tranny-chasers, more power to you. Chasers are not this gurls thing.

My nap lasted about an hour and a half. I may have had a longer one but the darn phone was ringing  and it woke me up. I must remember to turn off the ringer on Candiceday. After I got up my friend Michelle texted me about going to dinner. Not that I needed any more food, but it sounded fun and the two of us needed to catch up with each other. We had some good Greek food and had quality time to share some gossip and girl talk.

Best part is that I got to wear two different outfits and change my hair too! How much fun is that I ask you... Michelle also gave me two more purses and a super cool book on style and shopping! I love that woman Heck I even sent her mom a friend request on Facebook. Michelle told her about Candice because her mom adores me as a guy and she knew her mom would be supportive (and she is). Later this week I am going out two more times as Candice. I have a friends birthday dinner and my regular girls night out. So counting today's two events I will be out as Candice 4 times this week. I love it!

This weekend I outed my self to a few more friends and a few more were brought into the flock by friends. It is so wonderful to be accepted for who you are inside. Well I am off to bed kids. You all have a good night.


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