Saturday, December 31, 2011

Redeifining... Coffee... and Bags...

Happy New Years Eve everyone! So it is a long weekend and I am taking the time to spend as much of it as I can a Candice. This photo was taken this morning as I started my "girl time". I had to do a few thing in guy drab this morning before I could change. So after a nice hot shower and pampering myself, I pulled on a comfy pair of yoga pants and a cute tank. Heaven! One of my girlfriends may come over to borrow a wig to wear to a party tonight. Tomorrow Michelle is coming over for lunch and Jennifer is coming over for dinner. Its so fun being a hostess. Monday is just relaxing and reading.

Last night I was reading some blogs from like minded gurls such as myself. I found the phrase "male to female" used in many of them. The "to" in the phrase was bothering me. In my last post I talked about how a definitive line exists between my male and female self. I feel that I am truly both genders. Overall my feminine side is stronger and I feel that is more of who I truly am. Yet the existence of my male side is still a crucial part of my makeup. So does that mean I am a intergendered person?

I did a search on the word intergrndered, and it is a word (thanks Google) and in a nut shell its definition does  fit how I feel about who I am. Basically it is used to describe a person who expresses traits of both genders. Stepping back and looking at who I am, I would say that I am transgendered. To the extent that I am shifting my gender expression to a female dominant position and working at developing as a woman. The end game of this transition is that I will find the point that at what levels am I happy as both a woman and as a man. Then I would consider myself intergendered.

OK, so much for all that introspective stuff! Time for some girl talk. I was at the market this morning while on my errands. I like to stop at a fancy grocery store and get a illy coffee to start my day. I had a little time to kill, and in the same plaza as the market is a Brighton store! OMG the bags are beautiful and pricey! I have one and I love it. My friend Michelle has turned me in to a purse whore! Thank goodness the store was not open yet, I would have melted some plastic! I love to window shop. As a woman the world is full of endless potabilities for expression. I love it. After that I was really motivated to finish what I had to to so I could come home and get my girl on!  

Well girls I am going to fix a cup of coffee and watch a movie. Every one have a safe night out and have the time of your life! Welcome 2012!

Love Candi

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