Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Flock Grows by 2

Merry Christmas all! I hope everyone is having a good holiday season. I have a very close friend named Lauren who is like a sister to me and I lover her dearly. We have been friends for years and have even traveled to Europe together. Lauren has kind of half known about my dressing and going out. She is friends with some of the women I regularly go out with. So she has heard some things and has seen some photos. But I never directly told her and confirmed what she has in a way, half known/suspected. This is mostly because even though we a very close I could never get a handle on how she would take it and I was afraid I could lose the close friendship we have. But I figured if she has an idea about what is going on and we are still this close, why not just tell her.

I did... Last night at a happy hour with the support from some of my girlfriends who know me as Candice, I came out to her. It was amazing.. At first she was a little resistant, but with the help of my girlfriends she warmed up to the idea and will be joining us next Tuesday for girls nigh out! By the end of the night we became closer than we have ever been!  I am so happy, I truly love that woman.

One down one to go. At the happy hour was another woman who I know but is kind of a new friend named Lori. She is a close fiend of my girlfriend Kelly,who was also there last night and knows me as Candice. So I walked up to Kelly and told her that Lauren now knows (she was so happy I told Lauren) and asked if I should tell Lori. I was told in no uncertain terms "ABSOLUTELY!"  I guessed that was a yes... so I did. Wow did that girl light up! I showed her some photos and we chatted for a while. She also will be joining us next Tuesday. Looks like Tuesdays girls night out is shaping up to be a good sized group. Its going to be fun!

I am truly thankful to all my friends and for the acceptance, love ans support they have all given me. I am blessed. I love them all so much! This last year has been an amazing time for me. Candice is free and loving every second of it! The New Year is going to be full of life and adventure and I could not ask for a better group for friends to share that adventure with!


With love,

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