Thursday, December 15, 2011

Another Perspective.

After my last post, I had a brief chat (via instant message) with a former girlfriend about my goal of spending 30%-40% of my time as Candice. She has been reading this blog and noted in my last post I stated that I did not know what that percentage of my time would look like. Her take on that was that I only really had a limited amount of time were I was not required to be in a male role. Sad but true... Using her view of my situation, I only really had a few nights and Sundays that could be spent as feminine self. Sad but true again! I own a business and work a lot of Saturdays. During the week I am committed to a group run on Monday and some Saturday nights. So what is left on the plate is 4 nights and Sundays. Now I am out on average twice a week as Candice. Thrown in one more night out or a Sunday and I will have surpassed my goal by far!

So now I think I need to reassess what my goal really means, and focus on the quality of the time I get to spend as Candice. Quantifying my female side and desire to be more of a woman by assigning it a percentage value is misleading and unrealistic. I just want to be a woman and spend as much time as I can as such. Simple.

I will work on more nights out and spending every night that I am home as Candice. And not half way either... full dress and makeup every time. I am passionate about this and truly believe I may even be more female than male at times.

Thank you all

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