Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Wine, Food and Friends.

Tonight was just what I needed! A night out with my close girlfriends! We had such a nice night. A few glasses of wine, good food and a couple of hours chatting and catching up.I decided not to go with the red twin set I was planning to wear.This printed set worked so well with my new hair, I had to wear it out. I paired it with a pair of navy ponte knit pants and black 3' suede wedges. I also had a new purse that was a gift from a friend. The girls loved the outfit and the bag too! That praise means so much to me. My girlfriends are all stunning beautiful women and when it comes to style I listen to them. It looks like for the next few weeks Tuesday nights will become the regular girls night out. I have the perfect knit dress and high heel boots for next Tuesday.

Two of my girlfriends gave me early Christmas gifts tonight. One is a beautiful necklace with keys hanging from it. She said it was to represent all the new doors that are opening up for me! What a sweet thought. My other girlfriend gave me a gift card to a high end market were I get my Illy coffee every morning! My girls know me so well! I love them!

During the course of the evening the girls starting calling themselves "Candi Girls" because of the time we spend together. Am I lucky or what! I just love being one of the girls!

Well I am off to bed my friends. My best to all of you and a special thanks to my friends who have gone out of their way to love and support me as I take this journey. I have never been happier! Love you all!



  1. Sounds like you had a top time - which is good! :-)

    Merry Christmas,

  2. Thank you Lynn. Have a Merry christmas your self!