Friday, December 9, 2011

My Closet Door.

I use the walk-in closet in my bedroom for my feminine clothing, wigs and most of my shoes (this girl has a lot of shoes). I keep the door to the closet open all the time. The only time is is shut is when I have company over who does not know me as Candi or the every other Tuesday the housekeeper comes. That door stays open for a reason that is very much symbolic of the development and growth of my feminine self.

I lived in that closet, with the door shut. Sometimes shut so tight I thought I was going to suffocate! But no more. To paraphrase another crossdersser... Those are not "girl clothes" those are my clothes. I am out of that closet and I am not going back in. Yes I am very selective about who knows what. But that is more about professional/business issues more than social ones. With that door open I am free to come and go as Candi with out the burden of shame, fear or guilt over who I am.

I encourage everyone to open their closet door. I does not matter what is behind it, just open it and breathe. As they say... it does get better! Don't let that door block you from being all you can be.

With Love,

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