Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Out And About & More...

Another wonderful night out with good friends! Who could ask for more? I can't wait for next Tuesday's girls night out!. We also were talking about having a day out with brunch and shopping. Thank you ladies for joining me!

I was talking to the girls tonight about my wardrobe. I told them, if I could live as a woman full time, I would be set. I have a handle on my own personal style and a good idea of what works well for me. And my wardrobe supports these facts. This did not just happen. I worked on it and spent a lot of good money and time putting my collection of clothing together. My friends Jennifer, Michelle and Kelly all rave about my shoe collection alone! But what girl does not like shoes?  I think of all this as an investment into who I really am and what I would like to become.

The most difficult thing in my opinion to do when putting a look or outfit together is getting past the male habit of matching just colors. I swear most grown men could get by with basically adult granimals. When dressing as a woman it is more about working with the small details and tying them together. My two biggest weak points are, accessories and purses. Thanks to my friend Michelle who is the queen of handbags (and shoes) my collection of bags is growing. As for accessories, I just need to acquire more pieces. I have also discovered a love of scarves.

There is so much that goes into the image a woman wants to project, that sometimes getting it right can be a challenge. One of the biggest problems is having too much crap in ones wardrobe. A lot of times its a simple thing to pick a item or two up from the sale rack or the local Ross Dress for Less store. only to find out nothing works with that $5 plaid and poke-a-dot blouse, you just had to have. This last year I spent a good deal of time purging all the access out of my wardrobe. Anything of questionable taste or did not fit. Anything blatantly out of style or did not hang well on me. Now I have a closet full of things I want to wear and know work for me.

I still love to shop and find cool things. The difference is now I spend the time needed to think through any item I may want to pick up. I think of... What do have that can work with this piece? Were could I wear it? Do I have something similar? Is it age appropriate for me? And sometimes I am looking for a specific item to create a outfit.

I encourage all my sisters to really develop a good solid wardrobe and a style that works for them. It all goes to being able to function in the civilian world as a woman. Simply it is worth the time and money to do it right.

Wishing everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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