Friday, November 11, 2011

Love my T-Sisters.

On occasion I have the privilege of meeting with a few of the local gurls at a gay bar to have a drink and watch a drag show. As much as I love my GG girlfriends, there is nothing like the bond a gurl shares with another gurl. Mind you I am way more active and out and about with my GG friends, subsequently closer to them. Yet I still love the company of my trans-sisters. Some are more closeted than I am and some are even more out then I am. Its a fun mix of gals.

I also belong to a Meet-Up group ( in another town that I have attended events with. All good gurls and the events are a lot of fun. Of course its a 2 hour drive and I spend the night because I know I cant stay awake on the road late at night.

I wish I could make more gurlfriends, but many are deeply closeted and don't venture out. Some are only interested in a sexual hook-up or are very fetish-specific oriented (panties, lingerie, hose etc...)  The handful I do know are amazing and bright. I adore each of them.

Sharing experiences and a lifestyle with like minded people is one of life's great joys. I remember the dark days before the Internet opened up our trasgender world. Trying to find another gurl was a total shot in the dark. Print ads in adult contact magazines. hanging out at gay bars and drag shows. Thinking you were alone in the world. It sucked. I am so happy that the current and future generations of transgender sisters and brothers have a wealth real information, support and guidance available to them. The ability to find friends and connect through the various social media services also means we never need to be alone. We can find others like ourselves.

As society becomes more open and accepting, I hope all my sisters find balance and happiness. Its a big bright world out there! No need to spend so much of it in a closet!


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