Thursday, November 10, 2011


I am very blessed to have wonderful and loving girlfriends (GG's) who adore me as Candice. There are twelve all together whom I have outed myself to. Two are past girlfriends. There are other former girlfriends that are not part of this list who know but are not actively part of my life. More than half of these ladies I go out with as Candice on a regular basis. Sometimes as a small group but mostly one or two at a time for dinners and drinks. I am out in the real world once a week and sometimes more.

Each of the girls were carefully picked for the strength of our friendship and the kind of personal bond I had with each. All are open minded caring and loving women. A major part of these friendships is the high level of trust and respect we have for each other. I recommend every gurl out there work on finding solid, loving and trusting female friends. The freedom of expression, the freedom to get out and live as your feminine self is a great gift. A gift worth the time and effort and even the risks that come with outing yourself.

Having female friends that are actively part of your feminine life is so much deferent that the friendships you may have with other transgender gurls. I not going to say its better, but when you are accepted as a "woman" by other women the world really opens up. My female friends truly see Candice as a completely separate person from my male side. All want to and ask to spend time with me as Candice. One girlfriend thinks of me as her "Barbie Doll"and loves to give me bags and makeup!

Its funny how different the conversations are and how the girls interact with me, depending on what gender I express at the time. I appreciate the difference and learn from it. I study my girlfriends. How they act, how they dress, how they think. I ask questions. Everything form fashion and style advice to dealing with emotions and relationships. My female friends help me be the best woman, friend and sister I can be. his also helps make me a better man. I am truly thankful for the women in my life and I deeply love each and every one of them.


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