Saturday, November 5, 2011

From Karen to Candice!

Official notice of name change :-) Thursday evening I was out at a wine bar with three GG girlfriends enjoying ladies night (another benefit of being a crossdresser). After our wine glasses and cocktails were replaced with a fresh round, one of the girls said... When I look at you dressed I don't see a "Karen" I see a "Candi" (she stressed Candi with an "i"). Short for Candice she said. Well the others chimed in and all agreed. In truth I like it too. "Karen" was a random pick on my part anyway.

So the next morning I sent out a email asking my other GG girlfriends for thoughts on the new name and all agreed its a good fit. So I am changing my name and changing the name on my FB profile. Good-by Karen, hello Candi!

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