Friday, May 4, 2012


Hi friends! I have so much to tell you all about. First, this Sunday I am going with a girlfriend to the ballet. I love the arts and have been wanting to start attending theater events as Candice for a long time now. This is a wonderful opportunity and I am so thankful to my friend for thinking of me. Also this week is a big one for this girl. This coming Tuesday is my birthday (yea me!). What makes it special is that it is the first birthday I am openly celebrating as Candice! I am having a dinner and cocktails (love that word) at a very nice restaurant with about 30 girlfriends (at last count). All of them "GG's" (Genetic Girls). You know I will be blogging and posting photos from both events! The fun part is trying to figure out what to wear. I guess I am becoming more and more of a woman! I will be taking a few day off from work early this week as part of my birthday plans (this is where it pays to be your own boss) so I can Spend Sunday through Wednesday completely in girl mode. I have not been able to spend that much consecutive time as Candice since this past New Years Weekend. I can't wait!

So this past Tuesday was a bust for our regular girls night out. Work issues prevented me form going out in girl mode (that sucked). But I really can not complain too much. In the last 6 months work has only messed up my plans twice. Not bad for 35-40 events as Candice over that time. Now both times I was very depressed that I did not get my girl time out. Being a woman and being out has become such a part of  my normal life, that I hate when anything interferes with my girl time. On the bright side, Candice truly does have a life of her own. I love when girlfriends invite me as female to events, dinners, outings etc... I cherish every second of that time.

So going back to the previous Tuesday night dinner with the girls... We went to a swanky little pizza place and had a great dinner. The food was amazing. The salad I had was so good I ordered one to go so I could have one for lunch the nest day. We will definitely be back there soon (yum). I love the conversations we get int, work (ugh), relationships (much like work at times), sex (yes please) gossip (fun) etc... One of the topics we talked about was the friend I lost over coming out as Candice. I am still hoping the loss is temporary. I have reached out about half a dozen times by various methods,  phone, text, email. Facebook... No response. It is sad because we were so close and this change in attitude has only been resent. She has known about this side of me for a very long time. To lose only one friend out of over 100 who know is really good statistically.  

Sunday night I went to a friends home for dinner. Two other girlfriends were visiting from out of town and wanted to get together. I truly adore these women and wish they did not live so far away! I had  great conversation with one of the girls. She gave me some amazing feedback about this blog and her perspective on gender and sexuality. I wish I could have continued out talk. I had to leave but was planning to return shortly. Unfortunately it was late and I hit my wall and had to call it a night. I will drop her a email this week. I love open and honest discourse and criticism pro or con. Keeping a open mind and being respectful is part of what makes a well rounded and well adjusted person.

On a lighter note (as if I am posting a blog about foreign policy) My girlfriend Kelly and I went to a pilates  class... I have one thing to say... OUCH. Now I went in guy mode only because even I would find it disturbing to see me in a sports bra and capri yoga pants! Now a couple of things happened during the class. First, it was a "core" workout class and I found out I have no "core" . I did look on Amazon when I got home and apparently you simply can not buy a "core" online. Well what good is all this damn e-commerce  anyway if you can't get what you want !?!  From what I now understand I actually must "work" on my core through exercise... Sigh... The second thing that happened is that I pulled a muscle in my frigging armpit! WTF! I have no idea how, but it is funny. So Saturday Kelly and I will be trying a yoga class at the same place. And yes it is a Groupon deal and Kelly is the Queen of the Groupon! I will let you know how it goes when I post after my birthday festivities.

Yup, another butt shot. Have a good week everyone, and if you are planning on attending a pilates class watch out for the risk of "pit sprain" See you all next time!


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