Thursday, May 10, 2012

49th Post For My 49th Birthday

Hello my friends! I hope all is well with each of you. This Tuesday I turned 49! and it is my 49th post on this blog, nice little coincidence I would say. I started this week with a outing Sunday afternoon attending a ballet production of Cinderella with a wonderful girlfriend. The show was amazing, and I loved being there as Candice. When my girlfriend called and asked me if I would like to go I immediately sad yes! When I hung up with her I thought what the hell do I wear to a daytime ballet ? So I consulted the all knowing "Google" and got some good ideas. What I picked out is the outfit in the photos above and below... what do you think?

I posted these photos on Facebook and everyone who commented loved the outfit. After the show we had a early dinner near the shows venue and chatted our meal away. On a side note, while at dinner my girlfriend discovered her cell phone was missing. Luck would have it that her boyfriend was able to download a GPS tracker on the missing phone and follow it to a home on the other side of town! She recovered the phone, apparently a young girl picked it up from where it was dropped. How cool is that! The whole day was so great I can not wait for my next theater outing!

Moving on to Tuesday night and my birthday celebration!  I invited a bunch of my girlfriends (GG's) to help me mark my first birthday openly as Candice. What a amazing night. around 30 women joined me on this special day!

As a added treat I stopped at a M.A.C. Cosmetics store near the restaurant where we were having our dinner and had my make up done. What a treat that was! I went with one of my close friends so she could watch what the makeup artist was doing. I had her turn me around so I could not see what was going on. I wanted to be surprised. I was! I turned around and took one look at myself and said out loud... "I am a whore! I love it!"  Okay, I did not look like a whore. I loved the look though, She used false eyelashes and I have never used them before. What a difference! I think I am now addicted to them! I must add that I will be going back to the M.A.C store soon for privet makeup lesions, its worth it!

I love being out of that damn closet! being able to celebrate my birthday as a woman was amazing! My girlfriends are so loving and supportive, I could not ask for a greater gift then that! Of course I did get wonderful birthday gifts too!  Everything from wine to lingerie to a hand made scarf to a framed collection of photos from past girls nights out!

I want to thank all my dear Friends who took the time to be with me on my "first birthday"! You all made me feel special and loved. I have never been happier than I am now and I owe it to the friends who have stuck by me, I love you all!

Time for the butt shot... this time you get two! Heck its my birthday week! :-)

Have a great day everyone!