Thursday, April 19, 2012

Back On Track...

Hello my friends!

Well it has been a little while between postings. I must apologize for not making my regular weekly post.In fact several of my friends were asking me why I had not put anything up yet. Last week I had absolutely no street time as Candice (very sad). Work demands were had been crazy and even my regular Tuesday night outing was a bust (very, very sad). I was able to be Candice at home but it really is so more much fun and affirming to be "out and about" (insert Canadian accent here) in the real world, that being home in girl mode is kind of being all dressed up with nowhere to go. Actually it is being all dressed up with nowhere to go! Ever since outing myself being in the real world as Candice has become the most important factor in the growth of my feminine self. Not having that opportunity because of external factors (i.e. work) is depressing. But I am back on track now and this past Tuesday night my girlfriends and I had a wonderful dinner and a fun evening out.

Next Tuesday we are going out to a swanky pizza place (yum) and the following Sunday we are going to have a gathering to welcome two new and very special friends visiting from out of town. I can not wait, I love my girlfriends!

On a sad note, I may have lost a good friend because of coming out as Candice. The most disappointing part of it all is that the friend in question had known about my feminine side long before I really started putting it out there. In the beginning the friend was very supportive and loving. The only thing I can attribute this friends change of heart with is that it was much easier to be supportive when it was a closeted matter and not in the public view. I did expect a some rate of attrition as to losing some friends over my coming out. And I was and am still prepared to accept the potential losses over this issue. The saddest point to this loss is that this friend was very close and was the last person I would have expected to lose as a friend. I only hope they have a change of heart in time. I guess it all can't be lolly pops, sunshine and unicorns (damn it)!

Well I need to get to work in boy land... ugh... I really need to work on changing that. I thank you for reading this blog and for my friends for supporting me. I love you all!

Until next time kids, (and sorry I just love photos of my butt) may your heels be high, your skirts short (not too short after all you are a lady) and your makeup flawless!


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