Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A New Post :-)

I has been over a week since my last post. This is because I wanted to keep my last post up and on top for a while only to share my story about where Candice came from with as may people as possible. I have gotten a lot of nice feedback from a number of people and I really appreciate everyone who took the time to drop me a note. Thank you.

Last Tuesday was our regular girls night out with the usual suspects. It is so nice to have such great girlfriends. Our Tuesday nights help keep this girl sane. Just being able to really talk about everything in our lives with out the fear of looking weak or inadequate as is the case with male friendships is so refreshing. Plus being out and about as Candice is such a joy onto it's self . Unfortunately last week was so crazy busy Tuesday was the only night I had out as Candice. That is too long to go with out some public girl time!

Fast forward to this Tuesday. We had two special guests. One was a visitor from out of town. She was staying with one of my girlfriends and wanted to come out with us. What a sweet woman. It was so nice to meet her and make a new friend. Of course thew first thing we did at the dinner table was "friend" each other on Facebook! She better come out and visit us again soon, if not this girl just may go see her!

The other special guest was a guy friend (yup a sausage invaded the bun fest) who found out about my secret identity as Candice (Crime Fighting Tranny) quite by accident. He is a close friend of one of my girlfriends and spotted my blog on her computer. Well the transgendered cat was out of the bag and he has been very supportive. It was nice to have him there. I even let him touch my fake (sigh) boobs. LOL. Of course I let my new girlfriend feel me up too! In fact I think I have been molested (in a good way) by all my girlfriends. I swear with all the action the girls get I wish they were real! (that and other reasons). I cant wait for next Tuesday!

This morning I was texting my girlfriends Kelly and Jennifer while at a seminar related to my business. I told them that I was so envious of all the professional women around me. All dressed in suits and well put together outfits. There I was in ugly guy drab. All I did was daydream about the outfits I could be wearing. I know it can become a chore to dress up for work everyday in the real world. But after a lifetime of suppressing who I really am, making the effort dress for work would be a pleasure. I still have a lot of pent up girl inside of me!

Well I am off to meet some friends for a run tonight. Sweet dreams my friends!


P.S.  I thought you may like to see some old drag photos of myself from a log time ago...

Okay... I know, Tammy Fey called, she wants her makeup back! Hell it was the early 90's Oh and I look a little angry in the last one. I guess I was upset I had on the wrong bra! I still have the dress though. XXOO.


  1. Enjoyed reading your new post and I'm sorry to say that I giggled at your old pics!!! xox