Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tuesday is Tranny Day!

Its Tuesday and that means its girls night out! Damn I do love Tuesdays... Tonight my girlfriends and I went to a very nice Mexican restaurant and were having a great time. When one of the girls pointed out another transgendered gurl like myself a few tables over. She was out with a few of her own girlfriends and looked like she was having some fun herself. That was very cool! This is not the first time I have come across other gurls while out with friends. So it does look like Tuesday could be considered kind of a unofficial Tranny Day! I kind of regret not going over to them to say hello, Oh well next time.

The rest of dinner was great fun. A dear friend of mine who has known of Candice and this blog for a while joined us for the first time! She thinks she can join is next Tuesday and she got to make some new friends tonight. I have always had a large number of female friends. I have always been a woman on the inside so it is no small wonder I relate better to my sisters. I have never really been a "man". Having such a diverse group of female friends creates opportunities for new friendships to develop between my girlfriends that other wise would have not happened. Seeing those connections form is very exciting for me.

Every Monday there is a organized run through the downtown area where I live. It is a large event attracting around 500 or more runners and walkers each time. I attend this run pretty much every Monday (in guy mode) and really enjoy it. Well this Monday I bumped into my girlfriend Jennifer. When I said hello she just kind of looked at me for a few seconds with a blank expression on her face. She quickly snapped out of it laughing, telling me she did not recognize me for a moment. After all she has not seen me in guy mode for over 4 months and she has been pretty much a regular for all the girls nights outs. Tomorrow night the same group that organizes the downtown run is starting a Wednesday night run in my neck of the woods.and I can't wait to see how it goes.

I will be going out this Thursday night. Its kind of a milestone event for me and this blog. I started posting back on November 5th 2011. I had this blog longer but it was this half ass thing with very few posts and no real direction or purpose. Thursday will be my 30th night out as Candice in just over the last 4 months since I restarted this blog and sharing my journey with all of you. I am going to use this next blog post to talk about Thursday night and share my full back story with you. I truly thank you all for reading this blog and being with me as I continue to develop as a woman. Knowing people are out there and hopefully getting something positive from my writing motivates and inspires me.

Well good night kids tomorrow is another work day in guy drab! :-( Love you all! :-)


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