Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Time Just Passes By...

This past Tuesday was of course my regular night out with the girls. I was a wonderful evening with good friends. Two new girls joined us for dinner. It is funny calling the girls "new friends" I have known these women for years but only as my male self.. So even though I am friends with them and have know them a log time, but Candice is new to them. It is truly exciting to create new connections with old friends as a woman. As a interesting note to making new connections with friends, on my Facebook page there are now 68 (at last count) people who know me openly as Candice  from my male self's friends. Those are direct connections. Add in spouses, significant others and close friends, I estimate well over 100 people from my male world now know of Candice. A year ago if you told me that many people would know my "secret" I would not had thought it possible. What a gift it is to be this free. Life is truly good to this girl and I am very thankful for all my blessings.

On Sunday I was out to dinner with  some girlfriends two of them are "new old friends" from my male life. (photo below) Both of them found my female profile on Facebook and sent me friend requests before I had a chance to get to them myself. I find it very exciting and cool when my friends "discover" Candice. on their own!

I am really liking my Sunday dinners as Candice. its a great way top off the day I get to spend entirely in girl mode. I did have the pleasure of spending most of Saturday in Candi-Land. I decided not to work (oh the benefits of working for yourself), so I had a massage in the early afternoon then spent the day getting my girl on. It was such a relaxing day!

I am truly working on a way to be Candice all the time. I used to think that being transgendered was a curse. I wanted to be a normal "guy" I fought my compulsions and by doing so caused myself a lot of anguish. But now I realize it is a gift to be transgendered. To see life from both sides of the fence (if you go back and read my 44th post it will enplane my history). Plus wearing heels makes it easier to see over the gender fence!

Fast forwarding to tonight's girls night out (yup, its Tuesday again). Three more "new" girlfriends joined us, along with my buddy. He was out with us a few weeks ago for girls night out and had a good time. I really think he just likes being around my girlfriends! I really can not blame him, for that, my girlfriends are awesome! Plus allowing him to go was the only way to make him stop all his whining! He also understands that it a "girls night out"... not a "girls and one guy night out".

I am thinking of setting up group or just post a recurring girls night out event on Facebook to make it easy for the girls to R.S.V.P. and make suggestions for new venues.I will look into it and see if it is something to do. Well I am off to bed kids. Thanks for reading this blog I am astonished that it has revived almost 3400 hits. Thanks to all my readers! Love ya!

XXOO, Candi

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