Thursday, February 26, 2015

Running and My Addiction to M.A.C. (Two Separate Topics).

 So this morning I went for a run at 5:30. I started out fine but I suddenly remembered something. I remembered that I have not ran at all in almost a year. A series of crippling gout attacks last year made even going up and down stairs a major effort. Worse yet, wearing heels was impossible! The pain was really the lasting effects the attacks had my ankle joints. So there I was this morning in the dark and cold (cold for Arizona anyway) plodding along. Tracking every stride on my chosen running app. And it was good. Probably more walking then I care to admit, but a nice start back. The route was a two mile loop I used to run through the neighborhood at a pace that could be recorded using a sundial (had the sun been up).

 I am a M.A.C. girl, a total "MAC-anista". Yes I just made that up, but feel free to use it. The main reason I use M.A.C. products is coverage. Because I am transitioning from a yucky boy into a very cool girl my makeup needs are very different from the average woman. I use the Prolong Wear line of liquid foundations and concealers along with M.A.C.'s Studio Fix line of pressed powders in matching shades. In the winter I use a slightly darker shade then I do during the warmer months.  I also use their Blot Powder for shading when contouring and I have just discovered a finishing powder that is part of the Studio Careblend line, I am a big fan. I use o lot of M.A.C. blushes and bronzers also. The biggest thing is to ask a professional to help you pick out products that work best for you. Not just matching colors, but addressing any skin issues (oily, dry, etc...). Doing it yourself could result in waisted  time and money. And M.A.C. is very trans friendly and is equally good about providing samples (some products can't be sampled because of packaging) They have a fantastic return policy too. The store I go to is amazing and I have become good friends with several of the staff. I need to give a gig shout out to my girlfriend Megan at the store who has been a great help and a dig supporter of my transition from the first time I walked through the door.

The Store locations also hold technique classes and provide lessons and makeovers.It is always worth the investment on quality products and brushes. My motto is "A $40 foundation is worth 10 $8 foundations. As for the brushes,  good technique is reallyas important if more so then the makeup being used. and poor quality brushes will not help matters.

My basic makeup rules come down to these...

1) Moisturize, moisturize,moisturize, helps prevent your makeup from caking up. Don't forget to use a good primer before applying your foundation

2) Powder is never a foundation, use liquid.

3) Concealer one shade lighter under your eyes.

4) Use a setting spray at different points when apply your makeup. I generally do this between liquid and power and even between powder and blush/bronze/contour and when I am finished with my face.
I even keep a small one in my bag ro freshen up my makeup if it starts to cake.

5) The eyes... You can never have too many eye shadows on hand. Learn how to do your brows as well. For the the eyes I also like to use Too Faced eye shadow collections and they have a wonderful brow product called Bulletproof Brows. The eyes make the look. take your time and practice because that winged eyeliner is not going to fly on it's own.

 Well that is it for this post kids, Hope you liked it. XXOO.