Sunday, July 8, 2012

Out of Left Field...

Hi friends! Let me start by telling you all what a crazy amazing week it has been for this gal! Several days ago while at breakfast I receive a call from a woman telling me I may be her half brother! (readers of this blog should know that I am actually a man who lives part time as a woman). Well as we spoke all the pieces fit into place...  The tale goes like this... a long time ago my mother was involved with a man and I was a product of that relationship. Sadly the man was not a good person. While my mother was pregnant with me he was carrying on with another woman who was pregnant at the same time as my mother! As a note, he already had one child with the woman a year earlier. As one could expect everything went south. He and my mother split and my biological father went to to have three more children with the other woman before things fell apart in that relationship. The man who is my biological father is, how can I say this... He is not a good man. He was abusive, narcissistic, a almost pathological liar, a absentee father and almost never paid any kind of child support, and there is the criminal record! Yea its great to have selection of mugshots of your father to pick from! I have never had any contact with my biological father and have no memory of him. Over the years he has either denied my existence or ignored the subject all together. The only reason my siblings found out about me is because their mother spilled the beans to one of my sisters. So 20 plus years later they found me and now I have three half brothers and two half sisters!How cool is that!

The big question is, how does Candice fit into this mix! I have already resolved the fact that I could never come out to my family. I am just too tightly wound up. This is also the biggest limiting factor in how far I can go as Candice. I guess a lifetime of living a double life and keeping secrets has a price. But now with the "new" family I have a chance to reinvent myself and take a different path. Because there will not be any active connection between my family and the "new" family, I can slowly feel them out and if it looks like a good situation I can gradually introduce my feminine side to my new siblings. I know my two "new sisters" would be very cool. and even my "new" brothers I feel would accept the idea. I have sent them photos of me as Candice from "costume parties" wink, wink. and have received good feedback. For now though I feel the best course of action it to continue to focus on learning about each other and establishing bonds. Ultimately I may chose to not tell them anything. It all depends on how things progress with them and how I continue to progress as a woman. Because I am almost completely out as Candice I feel a need to avoid creating another closet when it comes to my "new" siblings. Only time will tell.

Over the last few weeks I have been my normal social self, girl about town and all. Of course any excuse to show off the new Coach purse! Sorry its been a while but I am still excited about my first Coach! Can you blame a girl? I think not.

One night I went to dinner with a girlfriend I almost never get to see. We had a wonderful night together and a great meal at fun downtown spot. I almost never go out in guy mode nowadays. Spending time with my girlfriends and as a woman is what makes me happiest.

One Tuesday night we went to happy hour at a very swanky steak house. The happy hour deals were amazing and all $5!

I just love finding deals like that. I would have never expected a place like that to have such specials. and it was another excuse to show off the Coach!

Last Monday I went to a friends house for a going away party. sadly she is moving out of state. The cool thing is she is moving to Oregon. Looks like I will be planning a trip there too! Her sister gave me a super cool high heel boot purse! Being a girl really does rock!

Last Tuesday I took the new boot purse to dinner with a few of the gals. I told the Coach bag it was nothing personal and that she is still my favorite! I think she understood :-)

These last few weeks have been crazy  and all of it topped of with the discovery of a whole "new" family! So much to process! I will be going out this week for girls night out and hopefully having some more to tell you concerning my siblings. I hope everyone had a fun and safe 4th I will leave you with one oe sunglasses shot and the regular butt shots as well! Take care! 

Okay last one. Gosh that is a lot of ass! I need to post more between nights out! Be good to your self and the people around you! 


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