Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I Am Such A Girl!

Hi girlfriends! Let me start by telling you that I have acquired my first new designer purse and wallet!

OMG! I am hooked! I never gave much thought to how much fun it is to have a true designer bag before. Remember I am coming from the male (ugh) world where, even though I was a closeted crossdresser the idea of wanting a bag like this did not make a lot of sense. After all a purse is a purse right? Wrong! There is something so amazing about owning a purse like this. Its really just a simple little bag, yet it is so much more. I received the bag on Saturday from my girlfriend Kelly who while on a trip to Mane picked the bag up for me. Thank you Kelly!!! (I love her). I brought the purse home and spent the rest of the night sitting on the couch with it over my shoulder or just feeling it! I could not put it down! I even ended up falling asleep on the couch (more about that damn couch later) cuddled up with it! I even went to so far as to post photos of my purse and wallet on Facebook. All I know is I have a new habit to feed and I now understand where my friend Michelle A.K.A. The Queen of Handbags and High Heels is coming from!

Since my last post I have had a few outings with my girlfriends. Two of the girls and I went out for sushi to this little place on the northwest side of town. I am not a huge fan of sushi but this place had wonderful food and great service.

The next night out we went to a swanky burger joint. We have been there before and the burgers are really good, The surprising thing is that the place also has a fantastic Chinese chicken salad! Yummy!

Please note that the purse in the above photo is not my new Coach bag... Just so there is no confusion over what bag it is. LOL. The next night out I joined a wonderful group of girls I do not have the opportunity to go out with very often. We had our dinner at a nice little Greek bistro. We had such a good time. I must say one thing about all my girlfriends, they all have amazing, sharp, brilliant senses of humor with just the right amount of sarcasm (that would be a lot of sarcasm).  

Tomorrow night  I am meeting the girls for our regular Tuesday night out and i can not wait because it will the  my first time out with the new Coach bag! I am so excited. It is hard for me to wrap my head around how the purse makes me feel. I think I am ovulating over it! 

The first week of the month the local LGBT support organization has a open meeting for members of the transgendered (MtF and FtM) community and their family and friends. I will be attending that meeting with a girlfriend to see what it is all about. I also plan on attending a MtF meeting the following week. My goal is to see what resources are out there and to find a recommendation for a counselor/therapist. I may even make a few friends along the way. 

Oh, and about that damn couch! For years (10!) I did not have a television (yes I am one of those people) and I almost never sat on my couch. Now I have a big HD flat screen and a nice couch and I am constantly passing out on the damn thing waking up at 3AM by the light of some infommercial. (that is why this is getting posted at 5AM) It has gotten to the point that when I get home late enough, I must walk in the house, not turn on any lights, go straight to the bedroom (right past the couch) take off my clothes only go to the bathroom to take off my makeup! If I sit on that couch I will end up sleeping there in my clothes and makeup. Let me tell you no one wants to see that in the morning! Its like a mini "walk of shame" from the couch to the bathroom. I would rather do a real "walk of shame" at least I would have something to show for it (shirt on backwards and smudged lipstick?).

On that note I have had to fend off only one tranny chaser since my past posting. I think they are figuring it out or I am just not as hot as I think I am. Either way it is nice not being bothered by creepy guys. 

Well its time for the butt shots and I need to get ready for work in guy land (hate it so much). Love you all and I will see you on my next posting! Bee good... or not, your all grown ups (I hope so anyway).


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