Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Jersey Girl Goes Home? Plus More Adventures!

This is the season to put the blog on the back burner for a few weeks... Sorry I am too much of a social butterfly (code for whore) and have been on the go ever since I returned from my trip back to Jersey to meet my newly discovered siblings. Okay, newly discovered almost 6 months a go but you understand what I mean. In my last post and on my Facebook page I was joking about having to be in boy mode for an entire week. I was so caught up with getting to know my new siblings that I almost never gave a thought to missing my female self. What a wild experience! I fit in so well, it was like I was a part of the family all along. My one sister who knows about me and my girlish ways was my hostess. She has become a amazing friend to boot. Truth be told, the best part of the trip was having sisters! I grew up with a half brother so I was prepared for the brother-brother dynamic with my new brothers. But I never had a sister before, much less two of them. I love them sooo much! I can not wait for my next trip back to the land of my ancestors... New Jersey!

Now that the world did not end I can get back to Christmas preparations... Oh yea, I don't do any. I love my friends and my family. But what a cramp in the butt it is to get anything done this time of year. I am looking forward to a house party a girlfriend is having and Boxing Day cocktails with some other lady friends looking to get our "wine on". The above photo of me is outside a M.A.C. store trying not to purge my bank account into their registers. The very next day I was back at the same mall but in guy drab on my way home from work in Boy Land (really need to change career paths so I can work in Girl Land) and it sucked. I get so depressed when I am have my "man-on"...Okay that sounds kind of bad... All I see are the women and I want to be Candice. Not some lug with a penis. One of the low spots for me is the day after a night or a weekend as Candice. When I am back to guydom. Its like the post vacation blues when you come back from a really great trip and the next day you are back to the same old grind. It is getting better though. Every day I move closer and closer to becoming a more complete woman.

I really can not complain too much. I do have a very full and active life as Candice and I truly have never been happier. I have even asked my friends to change me in their contact lists to Candice. Because it is who I am. I keep that other guy around just to pay the bills and make an appearance now and then.

This past Monday night my girlfriend Kelly took me to the Nutcracker Ballet as a early Christmas gift! What a treat. The photo below is the outfit I picked out for that evening.This was my second time attending a Ballet performance and I loved it. Having always been a big fan of live theater the Ballet has become a new interest for this girl. It really is nice to get a little more dressy now and then.The dress Kelly had on was killer (I hate that tall skinny bitch... LOL) I wish I had a photo of it to show you... But this is my blog and its all about ME! I am the pretty on in this page... Okay not really, all my girlfriends are stunning (hate them). .

Christmas is only a few days away and I am cutting back on some of my work. I regularly take off between Christmas and the New Year. Last year soon after I really started producing this blog on a regular basis I took those days to Candi-up full time. I was hoping to do the same this year but I have one project I need to work on so I will need a little of the time in guy drab. It sucks but I am sure I will survive.

Internet wise it has been a slow couple of weeks. Only three marriage proposals and about half a dozen inappropriate emails form tranny chasers. It must be the holidays getting in the way. I am positive the lude messages and proposals will pick back up after the first of the year. A girl can only hope! Honestly the creap out factor is very hight with some of those guys. Most I feel are married and on the "down low' with their sexuality. Sad very sad. On a lighter note my Pintrest addiction is going well! I am on it pinning my ass off all the time! I love it. The cool thing is that it truly is a wonderful resource for almost anything you are into. I will be pinning away right after I publish this post!

I love my day to day life as a woman.and like I stated above, it is getting fuller all  the time. After the holidays are over (can't come soon enough) I am going to step up my progress in to filling even more of my life with womanly goodness. I will be setting up a few outings for my girlfriends who I do not have a chance to see much of and want to spend time with the real me. I am also looking at contributing to other blogs and sites to  talk about transgender issues etc... I have two girlfriends who are very versed in these areas and have been getting information and guidance from them. I an even thinking about doing a trans based fashion blog (it wont be about dressing like a tranny hooker!).

So I have a special treat this time around. As you know (because you read this blog and are a huge fan) I like to end the blog with some stunning butt shots. This time a very good friend of mine is making a appearance as the first "guest butt shot" ever! I think This will be a regular feature. You know mixing it up with some fresh butts now and then. So with out any introduction (she asked to keep her ass anonymous) I give you this blogs first guest butt....

And now my boring old butt...

This one is not my butt!

Have a Merry Christmas ans a wonderful  New Year to you all may Santa bring you those Louboutins you have always wanted! XXOO


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